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Goat's Milk and HOney Soap

Our goal is to provide a nourishing, cleansing bar of soap incorporating quality ingredients. 

Llama Fiber Nesting

We adore this product and so do the birds! Our friendly llamas are so proud to offer their fiber in the beautiful job of nest building.

High Quality llama breeding

We have just began a new journey of breeding, raising, and training high quality, registered llamas. 

Mini-nubian and Nigerian dwarf goats

The goats are the heart and sole of this farm. They love all our visitors and provide amazing milk for the soap!

The story behind the Llama fiber nesting
We were mesmerized by the first bird's nest found on the farm. I remember showing it to everyone who visited the cabin. Hey, look! This nest includes goat hair, llama fiber, and string from the hay bales! It was the most beautiful display of our farm. Truth be known, I still show off our bird's nests.
Since that first bird's nest and the very first llama shearing, I have been struggling with creating a unique fiber product for our farm. Then, out of the blue, I was cleaning the cabin in preparation for new guests and I picked up one of the bird's nests we leave for visitors to view all the contents, and the light went off! From there, I started researching and found a company in Australia who noticed the same beautiful thing happening on their farm.
Friends, we have a new farm product! I am very excited to expand our fiber products as we continue on this journey. You never know what may evolve just by noticing the little things!
Photo: The llama in this picture is Cindy Lou. She joined our llama crew in January of 2021. We named her Cindy Lou, because we felt the world needed more "Cindy Lou Who's" in the world.
Goat's Milk & Honey Soap

Bee Nice and Bee gentle to your skin! 

We are dedicated to providing nourishing  cleansing , quality bars of soap.

Our soaps are created by blending Almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, goat's milk, and honey.