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Part yoga, part animal therapy. If you are looking for a way to disconnect from stress and re-energize, look no further. Join a yoga class at Milk & Honey Acres – you won’t regret it!


Curious about bees and beekeeping? Please check the events page on Facebook for future dates. Maybe even start your day with yoga and then spend some time with a local beekeeper.


Agritourism FARM OFFering ANIMAL THERAPY yoga and educational events.

We hope you will visit Milk and Honey Acres. Our little farm is something we cherish and want to share with new friends and old friends alike.


about the farm

Milk and Honey Acres is a small 20-acre agricultural livestock and timber farm.  Our hope is that we have cultivated a place where people can visit, laugh, learn, and create memories.  All of the animals at Milk and Honey Acres are very special to us and we look forward to sharing them with you.